The Faceless Formula

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Make Your First $1,000 From Creating Faceless Content Using AI Within a Month!

If you are scrolling 2-3 hours a day on Instagram, watching:

  • Brain-dead memes
  • Motivational videos
  • Half-naked models

You are already addicted to your phone, and...

Did you know that these 3 hours a day, assuming you live to 75 end up wasting you 9 years of your ENTIRE LIFE!

Why not capitalize on this and build your social media side hustle instead?

How to do it:

It's called "Faceless AI Content Creation", and you have probably seen big creators like me who use AI avatars,

but what you haven't noticed is that there is big money to be made with this content style,

and not only that...

It also enables you to:

✅ Remain completely faceless

✅ Never having to record yourself

✅ Save 10+hrs every day with AI

✅ While taking full advantage of monetization

But how do I know this works?

I've posted faceless AI content since September 2023, and not only did I get 1.5 million views in my first 10 posts, and grow over 22,000 followers a month, but I also have made $10K+ in the process, all without ever showing my face.

Some of my results:


Why I have created this course for you:

I have spent way over one thousand dollars/hour trying to learn how I could make my faceless account work and make money from it.

And now I want to share the exact systems I use to this day,

for you to have just a plug-and-play playbook,

to both have a clear plan (that works),

but also for you to save the $1,000 and hours I spent figuring this out.

Get instant access to:

⏱️ Creator Catalyst: 3 hours+ of knowledge that will skyrocket your success.

✅ Content Creation Masterclass: The whole content creation process + me creating and editing a whole video from scratch.

📈 Growth Accelerator System: The framework that gets me more than 15,000 followers & 3,000 leads a month.

💎 July Jumpstart Bonus: The resource that will get you $1,000+ in July.


Leave this page,

try, fail, quit when you get stuck at 200 views,

and even if you manage to figure it out after 500+ hours,

my students will still be miles ahead of you because they got instant access to the formula that will get them:

$1,000 from creating faceless content using AI within a month!

If you are finally ready to start making money in the social media world, click the "I want this!" button to get started NOW!


Q. Is this a video course?

A. Yes

Q. Do I need any prior experience?

A. No

Q. Do I need any money to start?

A. No, I started with $0 and it is possible for you too.

Q. How long does it take to get results?

A. It is a knowledge game, but if you apply the knowledge you are able to make $1K this month.

Q. Will you learn how to monetize your content?

A. Absolutely, the best methods will be showcased as well as how to get started from scratch.

Q. What equipment do I need?

A. Phone, laptop, Wifi

Q. What exactly will I learn?

A. How to make your first $1000 from creating faceless AI content exactly like how I do it.

More questions? Shoot me an email at

If you are finally ready to start making money in the social media world, click the "I want this!" button to get started NOW!

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The Faceless Formula

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